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We provide the finest nutritional products for health and wellbeing, along with pure, organic skincare products – so you can feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

Nature’s Sunshine have been chosen to provide our outstanding range of food supplements and herbs.  With more than 45 years of expertise, Nature’s Sunshine are globally recognised for their purity, quality, and manufacturing excellence, and were the first company to encapsulate herbs – revolutionising the food supplement industry.

Healthy Rascals, are our exclusive range for children and young adults. With vegan formulas, and chewy, natural fruit vitamins and minerals, that children just love. 

Nutri-Pets provides a complete range of daily nutrition for your pets to support general health and wellbeing for your furry friends.

Lily & Loaf’s luxurious skincare formulas are pure and natural with organic ingredients. Hypoallergenic, alcohol free and no synthetics. Whilst Lily & Loaf Essential oils are pure, organic, highly concentrated oils which are ideal for use in aromatherapy, or simply to create an amazing atmosphere.

Whichever product you choose, you can be sure they have been formulated by experts to guarantee purity and quality.

Acti Biotic

Acti Biotic

£20.36(SRP: £23.95)  

- 50g Bottle (Up to 50 day supply)
- Healthy Rascals Multi Strain Formula
- Non GM or flavourings & preservatives
Vegetarian | Vegan | Gluten Free

Product Code: 6000

Argan Carrier Oil (Organic)

Argan Carrier Oil (Organic)

£12.74(SRP: £14.99)  

Rich in vitamin E & essential fatty acids, kind to oily skin, wrinkles and sun damage, conditions hair and dry scalp. Deeply penetrating for a stimulating massage.

Moisturise | Nourish | Soothe | Regenerate

Product Code: 7146

Canine Calming

Canine Calming

£16.99(SRP: £19.99)  

- 120 Tablets (Up to120 day supply)
- Chicken Flavour
- Suitable for Dogs Only 

Canine Calming is a specially formulated blend of natural ingredients known to help support a balanced mood and mind - perfect for dogs with hyperactivity or anxiety issues.

Product Code: 7002

Healthy Starter Pack +

Healthy Starter Pack +

£25.46(SRP: £29.95)  

The Healthy Starter Pack+ is a gentle and effective ten day course of five powerful herbal products which collectively help cleanse the body. Take alongside a normal healthy diet - no fasting or going hungry. 30 single serve sachets.



Product Code: 4133

Immune Plus

Immune Plus

£10.16(SRP: £11.95)  

- 60 Capsules (Up to 60 day supply)
- Healthy Rascals Immune Support Formula
- Non GM, Flavourings & Preservatives
Vegetarian | Vegan | Gluten Free

Product Code: 6001

Joint Support

Joint Support

£19.51(SRP: £22.95)  

- 120 Tablets (Up to 120 day supply)
- Chicken Flavour
- Suitable for dogs only 

Contains natural ingredients which can help to put a spring back into your pet's step, whether old or young, and help them to maintain comfortable, mobile joints.

Product Code: 7000

Lavender (Organic)

Lavender (Organic)

£16.84(SRP: £20.39)  

A floral, refreshing fragrance with relaxing and uplifting effects. Fresh, sweet and slightly fruity aroma to uplift and relax mind and body. 


Structural | Nervous | Skin | Mood | Relaxation | Restful Sleep

Product Code: 7116

Lemon (Organic)

Lemon (Organic)

£11.92(SRP: £14.44)  

A revitalising, crisp, citrus aroma to awaken the senses, clearing the mind of distractions, promoting focus and clarity. Emotionally and spiritually uplifting.


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Product Code: 7118

Pearl Face Polish

Pearl Face Polish

£16.96(SRP: £19.95)  

A gentle skin-refining treatment containing pearl powder, an exciting and effective natural ingredient for skin care that helps smooth, soften and nourish skin.

Suitable for all skin types | Not tested on animals

Product Code: 7505

Repair & Renew BioActive Oil

Repair & Renew BioActive Oil

£24.61(SRP: £28.95)  


Repair & Renew Bio Oil is a luxurious night oil with a powerful combination of seven natural, organic oils enriched with vitamin E to repair, renew and revive your skin while you sleep. 

Suitable for all skin types | Vegan | Not tested on animals

Product Code: 7506

Super Bears

Super Bears

£19.95(SRP: £23.95)  

- 90 Jelly Bears (Up to 90 day supply)
- Healthy Rascals Chewy Bear Shaped Multivitamins
- Non GM, Artificial Flavourings & Preservatives


Vegetarian | Vegan | Gluten Free

Product Code: 6004


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